I Only Have

Sometimes the burdens of life weigh heavy and I cry out, Only Have

“Lord, I only have two shoulders.”

Sometimes the projects leave me worn and busy and I cry out,

“Lord, I only have two hands.”

Sometimes I can’t fill every need and I cry out,

“Lord, I only have two feet.”

Sometimes I worry about the next bill and I cry out,

“Lord, I only have two dollars.”

Lord, I only have a little hope. 

Lord, I only have a little strength. 

Lord, I only have a little faith. 

Lord, I only have a little courage. 

Lord, I only have two little fish and some bread. 

And Jesus said,

“Give me what ‘you only have,’

and I’ll give you Me instead.

Because I give grace, not lack,

Prepare feasts from just a snack.

Can take a seed of faith and use it to move mountains,

Can take a drop of rain and pour out living fountains.

Can take a spark and fan it into flame,

If you’ll but ask for it in My Name.

So give me your two shoulders,

And I’ll take the burden from your back.

Give me your two dollars,

And I’ll give grace to meet the lack.

Give me your two hands,

And I’ll fill them up past full.

Give me your two feet,

And I’ll use them to fill another’s bowl.

Because what “you only have” is all I really need,

A beginning, a start, a seed.

A little bit of faith goes a long way as you’ll see,

And when you give me what you only have,

You’re getting everything of Me.

{Scriptures to go along with this meditation: Matthew 14:13-21, Matthew 17:20, John 14:13-14, 1 Peter 5:7