Good Things on the Horizon

The parents have just left to check out a new land they’ve never seen, like Abraham, a land God is calling them to go to based solely on a promise.

They’re nervous but excited, and I wander in an empty house too full of quiet and all the apprehensive thoughts.

I hope it’s what my parents hope. That it will be the new start for all of us like they think it will be once we move.

But I’m here in my childhood home, the one we lived in for 18 years, and full of melancholy and what losing all of this will mean.

Friends. Family. State. Home. Are we making the right choice?

I know the Lord has made promises to my dad for him and all his family–and I trust God’s promise and the ability of my dad to hear God–but I’m waiting for that quiet assurance within my own soul. So close now to moving, and I need that assurance.

Something to look forward to so that leaving all of this behind won’t be so hard.

But I can’t see it yet. Have no idea what to expect or if there is anything to look forward to. I feel as though I’m blindfolded and stumbling forward, just having to trust that The One holding my hand is leading me toward something great.

Right now, it’s so dim–a hope just barely seen, a pinprick of light in this tunnel, and the only way out is by going through now, because it’s final and the house is sold.

I haven’t heard the Lord telling me to stay behind, and overall I feel as though I am supposed to go and follow my family to this new state. But at least Dad has a specific promise to cling to. What is there for me?

I need a promise, Lord, I’ve prayed for weeks.

Soft light filters through my troubled thoughts, and I glance out the window, feeling drawn for some reason, called, lead outside.

I follow the sudden urge, and the second I step around the corner of the house, my jaw drops and all breath is stolen from me.

It is the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. The clouds are glorious streaks of pink and orange, the clouds building towards me as though reaching out for me, calling me to a land far beyond. At the base of the clouds–I almost can’t believe my eyes–a rainbow.

A sign of God’s promise for good.

I run back inside to get my camera praying I won’t miss it, knowing I’m meant to capture this, remember this.

They’re even more brilliant by the time I make it back outside, and at first, a pang in my heart realizing this is one of the last times I’ll ever have this view, standing here on this property.

But as I stare at that rainbow, tears well up at God’s tenderness towards me, and peace begins to fill me.

Here, now, is that promise I’ve been praying for. And it’s so much more beautiful and grand than I had ever pictured!

The heavens displaying His glory remind me of the might of The One who holds my world in His hands, and how perfect the rainbow, reminding me of the sweetness of His promises.

It might not be in words, but His promise and reassurance for me spreads across the sky and reaches across the horizon, promising more brilliance and glory and hope for my future than I could even begin to comprehend!

So much more than I could ever ask or imagine. (Eph. 3:20-21.)

But with the sunset, actual words of promise finally sink into my heart as well:

I am not taking you to this new place to abandon you, but to bless you. I have good things in store for you. 

A long-forgotten verse springs up within me: “Oh, how abundant is your goodness, which you have stored up for those who fear you, and worked for those who take refuge in you, in the sight of the children of mankind!” (Psalm 31:19, ESV.)

Clouds with Scripture 2

And I remember.

Ahh, thank you, Holy Spirit, for constantly working to remind me of the truth. For being the antidote from the spiritual amnesia I’m so prone to. So silly of me. Whether here or there, I know you’re in control and will perfectly care for me as only you can.

And the promise… thank you for the promise, Lord!

The promise of His faithfulness no matter what life brings, His promise for good because He is good, to work all things towards good, and a good so good He has to store it away, it’s so much!

Do you hear that, oh worried and troubled heart?

He has good things in store for you. So much overflowing, abundant good, He had to store it all away it was so much!

Do you get it? 

He’s just waiting to hand it out from the storehouse of His love for you, every day, each and every moment of the year. He’ll never run out. He won’t forget.

Do you see it?

Isn’t this sunset, this beauty, so very good? Is it not in the sight of all humankind if we’ll just stop to see, and doesn’t He have many more sunsets in store, with sunrises, too- and won’t He provide them the moment that we need them?

I walk away with a smile as the sunset fades, knowing I have a promise I’ll see fulfilled, because as the Scripture says, “The LORD’s promises are pure like silver refined in a furnace, purified seven times over.” (Psalm 12:6.)

And I do see them fulfilled. 

A new year, and a new place, and even after experiencing so much of God’s goodness and faithfulness this past year, once again I find myself worrying about what the future holds in store.

But I have a picture, and a promise, and I remember with a smile…


There’s good for me in store.